Share resolution, aspiration, dreams for 2015

DSCN0479Share and grow.

Dear friend, 2015 is on. How are you faring on? It’s my prayer that it should be a year of abundant blessings for you and the rest of us.

We have heard much about New Year

Ngobesing Emilia waxing

Ngobesing Emilia waxing

Resolutions. Isn’t it time for us to share those resolutions? Your resolution may just inspire someone somewhere and the person’s year could be great. I thus encourage you to share your resolution in the comment box. If  it’s too private to share, you can tell us you prefer to keep it to yourself. Why not encourage others in their New Year Resolution?

Let’s share and grow together. Share your aspiration; your dream. My New Year Resolution is to stick to my blog and work as hard as I can; that every word that comes out of my mouth should lift up those who read it and help them to realize their fullest potential in 2015.My dream is to inspire thousands of readers this year to achieve their dreams.

words 2If you do not have a resolution, you can formulate one. A resolution is like your compass for the year and if you do not have one you are like a ship on the wide sea without a compass.words

Share your dreams.

26 thoughts on “Share resolution, aspiration, dreams for 2015

  1. Wholeheartedly, I have resolved to be more tolerant, forgiving and motivational/inspirational to all and sundry. Moreover, I will not relent my already selfless services as an advocate crusader to the less priviledged, marginalized and physically challenged of the society.

  2. My resolution for the new year was to post my writings and poems I started on the first of the year and have not stop since. The out pour of support has made me humble and l am grateful. The encouragement and support I have gotten has been so I can’t begin to say. What I will say if it wasn’t for you and a few others, my words would still be in my journals. I thank you for those times you said we have to speak in order for those who want to listen. To speak so that someone mite find your a word or two to put them in a better place. There is so much I have learned from you I can’t begin to say enough but thank you my friend many blessings, peace

    • We are instruments in the hands of our creator to build his world. You can guess how much inspiration I get from those I inspire. When you say nice words to me I get inspired and I try to do more. Hence inspiring each other as you and I are doing is the best way to make the world an excellent place because each time you inspire someone you get the best out of the person. This means the person plants the best in the world. You see the point? Let me add here that you never can know what you can do until you try. When you try and really try you may be amazed by the results you get; so always try beloved friend. Never say you cannot do it. Try and really try first. You can do it. To borrow, ‘YES, WE CAN.’

  3. Wow. ‘A resolution is like a compass’ – I like the simile. I haven’t thought about looking at it in such a way but now I do, thank you.
    One of my resolutions is to be nicer to people. Sometimes I do things driven by negative feelings that need a vent, I don’t want to do that. I don’t want the others to feel bad because of me who, at that moment in time, also feels down. I hope not to take things out on people who have nothing to do with them.

  4. I am using theme words not resolutions for the first time this year. My words are creativity and giving (back). One way I am doing this is by blogging about my experiences as a 4 time breast cancer survivor, trying to turn bad experiences into information that may be helpful to both cancer patients/survivors as well as to those not facing the disease. I am trying to provide information, the emotional support of knowing you are not alone in whatever you are feeling, and an insider’s view of what facing a cancer diagnosis is like.

    I want to use my theme words in all areas of my life, not just my blog. I want to look to creative solutions for problem solving in general. I want to give back to those in need as others have helped me along the way. I need to pay it forward.

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