A spring which forever flows


Come and quench your thirst
Come drink and quench your thirst and glow; Camera 360
I know a spring which forever does flow;
It flows with waters always pure and fresh;
And thirst of old and young refresh;
It rolls them also to the land of their dream;
So come drink from this ever flowing stream;
Come and drink even at night by bike;
Come drink as often as you like;
Come see it’s always there for you.                                                           And renews itself very often too;
From morning till night, 24 on 24, it rolls;
Hoping you’ll stop by on your strolls;
And then you’ll drink from it to your fill;
And never be thirsty like on a dry hill;
It’s a spring to nourish everyone it finds;
Good food for hearts just like for minds;
A SPRING THAT EVER FLOWSIt’s a spring to know, to love; and to savor;
It has a name as sweet as its flavor;
World Youth Success Inspirer;
Call it Success Inspirer to make it briefer.
It’s such a spring of wisdom for you indeed!
Calling to you in hope you’ll pay it heed:
‘Come to me who thirst to quench your thirst.
Come to me and endeavor to be the first.’

I love to be here. I love this site.


2 thoughts on “A spring which forever flows

  1. I am proud to say I am one of those who will drink of this thirst quenching stream for as long as I have got the eyes to read, and the brain to aquire as much as I can from it. “I lOVE TO BE HERE. I LOVE THE SITE”

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