If you don’t want to regret …

photos from scholarship[ (5)Are you getting old and feeling bad because you want to remain young and continue to do the things that you see young people doing? Are there things that you like to do but cannot do because age has gripped you and you are no longer energetic enough to do them?
Many old people regret their wasted youth. They see things they would have done but did not; and feel bad. They even become jealous of the young.
If you are young and energetic, but waste that youth, you will regret when you grow old. You will wish you had been wiser.Camera 360
Not to regret tomorrow, make good use of your youth today. Use your time wisely. Build a solid foundation for your life.
Nothing is more frustrating than regretting when it is too late.
Take note that you cannot change the past.


MAY THIS WEEK BEDo  not regret tomorrow

Do not regret tomorrow,

Not to do so,

Do the right thing  today.

No one can change the past.

Had I known is always too late.no dream is too big

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    • You are right Elisha. We have to accept what we cannot change. One’s aging is something one cannot change even if you make yourself to look young while you are old, that does not change your age.Hence I agree with you that we have to accept reality and move on; after all, at old age one can still do many worthwhile things.

  2. I have been working hard, I have like you been posting my words you,I had given me the strength to say my words because you can’t keep the wisdom you have endless you give some away, this has become so clear to me that I just had to speak, I have been writing for a very long time it’s only been recently that I wanted to speak, thank you for inspiring me

  3. When I look at life I look at its all. There will always be, but as always there is still more yet to come, it not just old or young it’s not if the class is half empty or half full it’s whether you have a class in front of you. I want to take what I have and make the best of it now this what I need and believe, those younger days were full of foolish, now is my time to shine. If I had something to share I would say the time is now and regret is only if time wasn’t spent

    • Hello Sheldon! I missed you for a while. Happy to have you back. You are right. We make a lot of mistakes when we are young but we do not have to hang on them.When we become wiser we must pick up from where we are and make sure that we shine as you are doing. This post is directed to those people who make mistakes and instead of picking up from where they are, they spend time regretting or being jealous of the young ones who are doing well. I am dashing off to your site right away. I want to see what you have been doing. See you soon. Lol.

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