To be remembered or to be forgotten?


no dream is too bigShall you be remembered or you shall be forgotten when you die?

Many of us do not care what legacy we leave to posterity when our candle burns out.

If you want to leave a legacy for  posterity, if you have not started working on that, you better do.

Those who leave big legacies behind and are remembered long after they are gone from this world like Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Saint Pope John Paul II are those who live for dreams bigger than them. They live not for themselves but for others. They serve not themselves but their fellow humans. Their focus is not earthly gain but service to humanity.

You can do this,can’t you?

Those who depart and are forgotten shortly afterwards are those who live for decide what you wantthemselves, who spend their time running after earthly gain and power. If they are remembered at all, it is in negative terms.

It is left to you to choose whether to leave a name behind or not; whether to leave a legacy behind or not; whether to be remembered positively or negatively when you leave this world.


Which do you like?

To be remembered or to be forgotten? Take that you like to be remembered, how would you like to be remembered?

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6 thoughts on “To be remembered or to be forgotten?

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  2. The importance of who you are
    To dream a dream
    To have a goal
    To be a person with a purpose
    No one understands that the all of us are great
    that these are our marks and legacy
    That’s not what we are told
    Greatness is only in the eyes of those who pass the test
    and in the eyes of most we have failed
    No one ever said you are going to fail in order to succeed
    The importance of you who are is the greatness you can see
    We must all leave a mark, to have a legacy
    For this is the grand page of life and it’s for all to read

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