Do you understand worry?

What you may not know

about worry.

IMG_20141226_222125There are things about worry that you may not know. If you knew them, you wouldn’t waste precious time worrying. Worry is destructive. Hear what William G. Jordan says: “Worry is the most popular form of suicide. It impairs appetite, spoils digestion, disturbs sleep, irritates disposition, weakens mind, wraps character, saps bodily strength, and stimulates disease. Worry is the real cause of death in thousands of instances where some other disease is named on the death certificate.”
A great writer called Leo Aikman say, “Blessed is the person who is too busy

Ngobesing Emilia waxing

Ngobesing Emilia waxing

to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry in the night.”
Listen to Onlin Millier: “We probably wouldn’t worry about what other people think of us if we could know how seldom they do.”
Bery Pfizer: If I spent as much time doing the things I worry about getting done as I do worrying about them, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about.”
Corrie ten Boom: “Worry does not empty today of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.”
What do you say about what these me say? Which other great thought about worry worth remembering do you know? When have you been worried about a situation and in the end you realized that you needn’t have worried at all?

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20 thoughts on “Do you understand worry?

  1. Jay I wish to appreciate your comment. I think what you say is pertinent. We worry about many things that really don’t happen. In the end we find we should not have spent all that precious time worrying.Many thanks for your comment.After everything this thought should feature in great contemporary quotable quotes. Watch out for it. Meanwhile do not hesitate to send us more quotes of yours for inclusion.

  2. Don’t Waste Time Worrying About The Past (or The Future).

    I have wasted too many minutes worrying about things that may-and more likely may not-ever happen. My advice, expect the best but be prepared for the worst. Try not to worry about things you feel guilty about from your past. Either fix them, or forget them.

    If I am perfectly honest I am still in the process of learning this one…

  3. I wrote the following haiku about worry:

    Worry is a weed
    Wrapping it’s vine around us
    Choking out our faith.

    “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has trouble enough of its own” Matthew 6:34

    “An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.” Proverbs 12:25

    “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippines 4:19

  4. I try not to worry about my son who is being sent to Afgavistan next year. He’s smart, doing well for himself, and so witty. I know it’s in God’s plans and besides, the Lord already told me he will be “taught of the Lord”. (Isaiah 4). And he will have great peace someday because the Lord has said it (Isaiah 54).

    • May this source of worry draw you much closer to the Lord and make you know Him better. This may be the gift he wants to offer you: greater closeness to Him as you try to overcome your worry. May your son, by His grace, make a safe stay there and come back home to you. With Him everything is possible.Do not fear to put your trust in him. He will never fail you.

  5. Perfection is the heart of worry
    We need not be
    for without perfection there is the seed of learning
    A growth of wisdom will sprout
    Until that seed is rooted mother nature will provide
    Worry is not the plant
    We are all seeds to which is not the plant of worry

  6. Really, I do not understand whether one can actually stay without worrying about one thing or the other. The post is quite edifying because I can understand why God decided to create the world with day and night. As the writer you quoted rightly says that “blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the day time and too sleepy to worry in the night.” This goes a long way to explain why it is often said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

    • Thanks for the reblog. You have a wonderful spirit of sharing the things you like. What we share grows; and we grow with it. Keep on shining Yoshiko.You are now topping the chart as best commenter on this site beating Tonin Peter who’s sent his laptop for repairs. We all have the possibility of distinguishing ourselves wherever we are.

  7. The things most people spend time and energy worrying about often don’t happen.
    By worrying you waste life.
    By not living in the present moment we either worry about the future or dwell on regrets from the past.

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