Great quotable quotes by Contemporaries

13 great quotable quotes by contemporaries

Every week on Friday on this site, we bring you great quotable statements from the comments that the members of this community make in response to the activity of the week. The activity of the week is published every monday.


1. “Inner character and godly values are what make a person beautiful” (Yoshiko).

2. “True beauty goes deeper than an eye can see.” (Sheldon).

3. “Confidence is beauty; self-esteem is beauty.” (Sheldon).

4. “We are all drawn to outer beauty, hence the love most of us have for the visual arts, how we can be moved by a masterful painting or sculpture” (Robert Jepson).

5. “The partners we choose as wives, husbands or long time friends share our lives because we love that undefinable quality which is their true self, merely clothed by the temporary shell of the body.” (Robert Jepson.)

6. “We all age and become less perfect, but what we really are doesn’t change”( Robert Jepson).

7. “I have come across some very beautiful women who were unhappy, depressed and not nice. I’ve met some men who were also very handsome but very mean and ugly inside.” Rhonda

8. “With what little time I spend with my girls, I try to teach them that make-up and highlights in the hair are not what make them beautiful.” Rhonda
9. “I try to teach them (my children) to be kind and love.” Rhonda.

10. “Beauty is not always explained through the looks or the dress we wear. Beauty speaks through the eyes, through the mannerism we possess, through our behavior and speech… Beauty can be described in many such ways, where looks do not play any vital part.” Farida Ali Hussein.


11. ‘Beauty does not promise to stay our side lifetime.” Farida Ali Hussein.

12. “With passing days, we grow older not younger. We may put on weight or lose weight; we might have wrinkles, stretch marks, pimples and whatnot that would be a hindrance to our physical beauty. Whereas what we speak, how we maintain our relationships, how we respect each other, our gestures, our mannerisms speak the beauty we hold.” Farida Ali Hussein.

12. “ I think beauty also comes from what you show of your soul, from your energy levels and how you engage with another.” NVaughn 7.

13. “Beauty also comes from your own willingness to see beauty in more than the conventional and to appreciate diversity and uniqueness.   (NVaughn)

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    • Many thanks lovely friend. I hope to have yours on next week. Our lamp should stand on the lamp-stand shouldn’t it? Let’s not leave it under the bed. That’s not where the God who created us wants it to be.

    • Thank you Yoshiko. You have quickly understood what should be done and have reblogged. Thanks a million. We need to send these quotes running around the world. We don’t light a lamp and put under the bed. We put it on a lamp-stand for all to see.I want to contribute to make the light of everybody in my community to shine for the world to see.

    • I appreciate that you took part in the activity. My idea is that those who follow this activity faithfully and take it serious should find themselves producing thousands of quotes with ease as they will do it daily without strain and these quotes will float around the world. That will mean something wouldn’t it? I hope more people take advantage of this offer. Don’t hesitate to help make these quotes start to go round the world by sharing, reblogging and encouraging your friends to do same. If we don’t take our ideas to the world we’ll not know how far we can go.

    • I appreciate your participation in the activity. My idea is if you follow this faithfully we’ll soon have your thoughts being quoted around the world. We don’t light a lamp and put under the bed. I like all the lamps of the people in my community to be put on the lamp-stand for the world to see.That is why I encourage sharing and reblogging these quotes.

    • This is a new idea Yoshiko. Every week I shall publish quotable statements by those who shall make comments on my blog.This is my way of putting them in history. I know I will eventually have people sharing and reblogging and these quotes will start to circulate in the world. If you want to start the reblog process of these quotes, you are welcome.I believe in giving value to people’s work and putting people up where they belong.

    • I found what you said worth quoting and I thought it should enter history. This is a new mission I have started: to put people in history through immortalizing their thoughts. I pray you to continue making your ideas available for me to present to the world. All my life I have enjoyed putting people up.

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