Write your name in history

LET’SYour name can enter history.

Dear friend, considering the enthusiasm that many of our readers have for “Great quotable quotes by Contemporary writers”, we have decided to expand this activity to serve more people and get more of your great thoughts to the world in quotable form.


One of my dreams is to lift those I meet on my way to as high as I can. You have been saying and writing great things that people read and enjoy; but who

Young people at an Excellence Award ceremony

Young people at an Excellence Award ceremony

will ever quote you if nobody takes your thoughts to the world in a forceful manner? Nobody has taken time to extract the quotable quotes from your writings, and speeches to present to the world as a quotable quote.


As we say, we do not light a lamp and put it under the bed. We put it on a lamp-stand to light the whole room. Your great thoughts are a lamp that can light the world but they have to be made available to the world in a clear, concise manner. There is so ,much to read that people hardly find the time to read your works and get out the great ideas in them.


king_hand_photoThank God we are now doing this together.In addition to the weekly activity which calls on you to comment so that we get the great ideas out of the comment and publish as great quotable quotes, I am offering another option. Send us short, powerful thoughts from any of your writings or which you may formulate right away on any subject in the world. We shall include it or them in our repertoire of ‘Great quotable quotes by contemporaries’.


You can also send wise words by authors you have read. In that case, give the exact name of the author, and if possible the work from which you got it. Put them in the comment box below. There is no limit to the number of quotes you can send to us.DSCN0543

Take note that even the best products have to be advertised otherwise not many people will know it exists and a product cannot sell well unless people know it exists.


Examples: Great quotable quotes by contemporaries.

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  1. Hi,
    Its always feel cool to get remembered in the history. I believe more important is the cause for which one is being remembered or recognize. Literatures irrelevant of topics & languages are always alive and never perish.

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