Why is the world so divided?

DSC_0000152Peace is one of the most precious commodities that the world needs but it is so difficult to have. The question is why it is so difficult to come by. Why are we so divided? Why is the world so torn apart? Why can’t we understand ourselves and live together like one people in a world that has become a global village?
I think we talk so much about peace; and appear to be putting in so much but remain so divided. You can see how divided we are in the differences, conflicts and wars that rock the world.
O.A. Battista has said it very well that, “True peace could come instantly to the world if we treated each other as though today was the last day of our lives – which it could very well be!” I wonder what you think.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
What I think is he has said it well. The problem is also very well articulated by John Andrews Holmes who says “we love peace but we are not willing to take wounds for it as we are for war.”
Who could have said it better than J. Sherman Wallace? “If every person in the world loved peace, every nation would love peace.”
I share his view 100% just as I share the view of Croft Pentz that “No God, no peace. Know God know peace.”
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFranklin Delano Roosevelt also comes in very strongly when he says “Peace, like charity begins at home.”

My proposal is that we put our heads together and make our voices heard on this important issue. What do you think about world peace? What is making it difficult for the world to enjoy peace? What do we do for the world to know peace?

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  2. Sadly, I don’t think we will ever have complete peace until the Prince of Peace returns. But – until then we need to work on looking beyond our differences – in color, nationality, language, socio-economic status – and work at trying to understand those differences rather than rejecting others because of those differences. I love the song that says, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

  3. Money is the root of all evil and I really believe the need to have it blinds so many. Greed takes away from peace in the bigger picture because in itself, leads a hand to hate, which in itself leads to division, which leads to so many different things.

  4. The greediness of human nature compels him to attain more power. He never remains contended and this very nature of man bears the bitter fruits of wrath, revenge and hatred.

    These negative feelings of human nature are a great hurdle in establishing world peace.

  5. I wish there was a definitive answer but there is not, sadness is these truths, why as we are people to we weight each other beliefs, religion,color, faith,this is not how life is suppose to be weighted, but this is why we have no peace. Man has no time for difference between him and others. I say it again sadness are these truths,what man creates man will destroy.why is it so important to draw pictures and point fingers at things we might not fully understand. The cost of peace goes far beyond just who we are as a race it’s now become man vs man.

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