The secret of receiving

“As you give, so shall you receive.  Contribute more and you will receive more. If you want a stronger rebound, throw the ball harder.”  (Anonymous).

Whatever you give in lifeIMG_20141230_152358

That do you receive;

To life then I shall give

That which I like to receive.

Love, I shall give

That love I may receive;

Kindness, I shall give,

That kindness I may receive;

Hatred, I shall not give,

That hatred I may not receive;

Wickedness, I shall not give,SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

That wickedness I may not receive;

Generosity, I shall give,

That generosity I may receive;

Excellence, I shall give,

That excellence I may receive.

“You give to get. The surest way to get is to give – and one’s getting will be gauged by one’s giving, so said Christ. So testifies experience.” (Alfred Montepart).



14 thoughts on “The secret of receiving

  1. It goes very much with a local Kom proverb which says: “The more ones hand gets close, nothing enters it; the more it opens, much goes in to it.” Thus, giving should remain a virtue, for blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes.

  2. This was and is how I live my life, with every word I write with every thing I have I want always to share my experience, strength and hope, you have hit the hammer on the nail with this one my friend, to me this is a very large part of who I am, it has been said that if one doesn’t give of one’s self then you don’t get to keep what life has given you. To me this is the back that each person needs in order to stand
    As always Sheldon many blessings and peace

    • Many thanks to you loving Sheldon. I see you have a giving spirit. May God bless what you give and return it you a hundred fold. Please watch out for ‘Great quotes by contemporary writers’ today!

  3. Unfortunately sometimes we give to those who are not natural givers. I know we should derive joy from the very activity of giving but not every good thing come back to us. Still, it’s a better way of living – to learn how to give and not to expect anything in return.

    • That is very true. It’s not always really a fair 50-50 game… that being said, I’m glad that you see true giving is when we don’t expect anything back. In my mind, I’ve learnt that if I do not want to give, I just don’t. Expecting something back kinda defeats the purpose of giving (I wrote a little piece ‘The Art of Giving’ back during Christmas time, if you’re interested in reading), because what would this world be without sharing?

      • Thank you for your comment Elizabeth. I am going straight to look up what you wrote on the art of giving. What I actually believe and did not say is that when we give we do not necessarily get back from the person to whom we have given. We may receive from a completely different person at a completely different time. There might be no indication that what we are receiving is in return for what we gave; but it is. This is what may also be called the law of balance. In a broad sense of it I am saying that when we are generous God is generous to us. If you always smile you will find more people smiling to you. Not everybody may smile but a lot of people will. If you visit friends when they are in difficulty, you will find many friends visiting you when you are in difficulty. Not all those you visited will come; but many will. Giving is like planting a seed. When you plant a good seed and all the conditions are in place for it to germinate , grow and bear, it will. If you give something to a needy person it is not for that needy person to give you back something but by the law of giving and receiving, you have sown a seed that will produce some day some how. This means you shall receive some blessing for it, maybe in a form that you will not see any link with what you gave but it will be the reward for your generosity. Now, I dash straight to your site.

    • Well said Katerzyna. Actually when you give you may not receive just in the same way or immediately. You may not receive from the same person. You may receive many days or weeks or years after from completely new people but that would be God’s reward for your giving. When you give, you sow good in the air and it comes back to you at the right time decided by the creator of the universe; but it cannot go out and not come back in some form.

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