What to remember when in difficulty

When you are in difficulty, remember that:

1. No condition is permanent in this world;
2. All storms pass away;
3. After darkness there is light;
4. Everyone goes through difficult moments in life;
5. You are not alone to face the difficulty in question;
6. Many others are facing more difficulties;
7. People have overcome more serious difficulties;
8. You have what it takes to come out of your difficulty;
9. God is available to help you if you seek His help;
10. You can come out of your difficulty stronger.
11. In difficulties we know the strong from the weak.
What do you think of this list? Please add something.

15 thoughts on “What to remember when in difficulty

  1. GreMy Gran used to say, “This too shall pass!” – of course, that applies to both good and not-so-good times! πŸ™‚
    There are always people who you may think are ‘better of’ and those that are ‘worse off’.
    Much depends on your perspective (which you CAN change) and how you choose to see your situation.
    Try to enjoy the moment, however you are finding it, – it will never come again and every moment teaches us something – why else would it be there?

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