20 truths about you

Are you aware of these 20 truths about you?
1. You have been created in the image and likeness of God.
2. Your mother carried you in her womb.
3. You were born of woman.
4. You are very important whether rich or poor; learned or not.
5. You are unique. There’s none exactly like you in this world.
6. You are wonderfully talented even if you do not know it.
7. There is one thing you can do in a way that no other person can do.
8. You can be great.
9. There are many things you can do that you do not know.
10. If you overcome fear and self-doubt you will do many amazing things.
11. There are people who believe in you.
12. There are people who love you.
13. Not everybody likes you.
14. You will come across people who will not like to see you succeed.
15. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail.
16. You will die some day.
17. You do not know when you will die.
18. God loves you.
19. You are not an island.
20. You came into this world with nothing and will leave with nothing.


Give three things that are true about you but are not on this list?photos from scholarship[ (1)
Three things that are true about me that are not on this list are:
• I am a man.
• I am a Cameroonian.
• I speak English, French and my native language.
What of you?

21 thoughts on “20 truths about you

  1. I am not a young person but I will participate. I love your list of 20 things. It is very inspiring and I am going to show it to my son.

    Three things about me:

    I am a mother with 2 grown children.
    I love to write poetry that gives me joy and helps me express my feelings
    I enjoy cooking food and giving it away

    • Thank you very much Cindy. When I wrote ‘We are all different’ I was thinking that I also need to write a post to say we are all the same. Its a topic to think about. Although we are all different we are also alike. You’ve said it well.

  2. I create joy and share it with others.
    I love to make food that is for health and building relationships.
    I smile often 😀

    Thank you for the opportunity! Beautiful post.

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