Make your parents proud

Some children are the joy and pride of their parents. They are responsible andserve behave well. Some are the shame and sorrow of their parents. They are irresponsible and behave badly.
Quite early in life, some children know what they want, and start working for it. Others have no idea of what they want; grope in the dark, unaware that their future is in their own hands; and that the earlier they start assuming responsibility for their lives the better.
What makes the difference? Are your children your joy and pride or your shame and sorrow? Are you the joy and pride of your parents or their shame and sorrow? Do your kids know what DSCN0590they want in life? Are they working for it? Did you know what you wanted in life early enough? Did you start working for it then?
Sharing our lives enables others to learn from us.


14 thoughts on “Make your parents proud

  1. Ngobesing I think it comes down to us as parents. We know for a fact, love and encouragement help our children grow into better humans but also the big one these days is discipline. I guess we are all different and one type of parenting does nor work for each child. I have two very different kids and I parent them differently, to match their personalities. I will always love and support them and take the good with the bad, thats what we do and thats why we are given this amazing job to do.

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