Different but alike. How possible?

Did I say we were all very different from other people? Indeed, we are.  DSCN0485We are all unique individuals with different personality styles, backgrounds, education, upbringing, cultures, and religions among others. These shape our minds, attitudes, behaviors, actions, reactions or responses, making each of us unique.
Yet, many people want others to behave just like them. If you do things differently, they become angry and want you to do things only their own way.
DSC_0000183This creates problems among people. Many marriages end on the rocks because of this. Husbands want their wives to behave only as they the husbands want; wives want their husbands to behave as they the wives want.
This cannot be so. Husband and wife are different. They have different personality styles and different backgrounds. They have different parents; might have attended different schools; have different experiences; maybe have different cultures; different friends, different teachers; and perhaps different religions or religious experiences. How can they be expected to behave the same way?
One reason the world is so torn apart is many of us are ignorant of or overlook the fact that we are all different and can neither always see things the same way nor behave the same way. It is not possible for Africans, Asians, Europeans, Americans and Australians to see everything the same way. There will always be differences. Even in one continent, country, city or village, there are different cultures, and upbringings etc which make the people there different from one another and so see things differently.
When we deal with others, be they our friends, neighbors, classmates, school mates, colleagues; other people or nations, we must consider their filters and become more considerate, understanding, tolerant; and take less offense when they see things differently or behave differently from us.
This said, there is another side of the coin which may sound like a contradiction but is not. That is we are all the same. We are all one, whether black, white, or red; born in Europe, America, Africa, Asia or JOIN US TO WRITEAustralia; whatever our culture, our education, our religion, we have many things that bind us together; that make us one people; that make us the same.
We have one creator. We came into the world the same way. We shall go out of the world some day. We all have blood running through our veins. We have the same basic needs: air, water, food, shelter; the need to love and be loved; to belong; the need for self worth, and autonomy. If you prick any of us blood will come out.
Most of the things that are good for one person are good for everybody whether American, Chinese, French, Cameroonian, Nigerian, Russian etc.
Every human being needs to be treated with love, respect, consideration, and justice regardless of who they maybe; what they are; and where they come from.
Thus, we are all alike.
If in dealing with other people, we take this into consideration as well asphotos from scholarship[ (3) the fact that we are different from other people, we shall have a more loving world for everybody. Life shall be better for everybody. We shall have fewer or no conflicts, and wars. The world shall be less divided; or less torn apart. In short, the world shall be an excellent place for everybody to live in; and we shall all have the opportunity to develop our potential to the full and realize our fondest dreams.

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  1. Your post is a nice coincidence with my finals, right now. I mean, I have this exam which concerns different approaches to culture, some of the scientists, I think I can call them like that, claimed that people are a part of culture, each of us is different, yet together we work towards the same goal.
    Yes, there are differences and by writing, for example, we, people from different parts of the world, different backgrounds and cultures etc. can improve awareness and spread tolerance and peace.

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