Family squabbles – what solution?


New pictures 583Do you realize sadly that a lot of homes are battlegrounds? Many husbands and wives are virtually at war; almost permanently having aDSC_0000144 bitter exchange of words.  If they are not quarreling or arguing over some issue, they are fighting. Sad, isn’t it?
In other homes, such wars are between parents and their children. You have parents who are regularly mad at their children, howling and screaming almost throughout the day; and the children behave like frightened mice; if they don’t scream back.
DSC_0000152You will agree with me that this is not how a home is supposed to be.
How can anyone be experiencing such a hell on earth and be happy? Of course, misery is their bed fellow; and this is where the problems of the world begin.

Definitely, they need help. They need the know-how to generate love, peace and understanding which are essential for harmony in the family.
You and I can help them, can’t we? This is what I am proposing that IMG_20141226_135843we do. Let us join our voices and give them some advice. What must they do? What must they not do? Let us enlighten them on what marriage is meant to be? Say anything that can help parents get along better with their children. Don’t forget to fine-tune your thoughts and make them enduring and quotable so that they can go into history under ‘Quotable Quotes by Great Contemporary Writers.’

10 thoughts on “Family squabbles – what solution?

  1. This was how my first marriage was like. We literally hated each other or were always screaming and angry. When the marriage broke up I had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized on four occasions. He had me believing it was all my fault. Then I remarried and realized that when treated with love and kindness and not beat on all the time I was a pretty easy going person. Saprize saprize I’m not as aweful as I thought I was! My first husband didn’t know how to treat a woman. I was a baby producer. I heard him telling a man in the church that God created the woman so man could reproduce. The man told him no, God created the woman for companionship. Women aren’t just baby producers. We are supposed to be companions. Well I have a good relationship now and my life is going a lot better now that I’ve moved on.

    • Thank God who has brought happiness into your life. When we put our trust in God, for every door that closes, there is a better one that opens somewhere for us. My prayer for you, dear friend is that God may continue to grant you and your spouse the wisdom and inspiration to keep doing the things that are necessary for the fire of love, understanding, tolerance, harmony, peace and happiness to keep burning in your marriage!

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