May the world be better not worse!


The world is full of wicked people;

Who do evil without blinking;

Their hearts so full of evil;

They have no qualms inflicting pain

On good, innocent people,

Making the world a hell instead of a heaven

As the Creator meant it to be.

But it is also full of good people;

Billions of kind, loving souls,

Yearning to see love prevail,

Doing all the good they can,

Fighting for the poor and downtrodden;

Helping to make the world an excellent place for all.

We must each ask ourselves:

“On which side do I belong?

‘Do I create good or evil in the world?

‘Do I make the world a heaven or a hell?

“Do my actions bring sadness or happiness

To others in the world?”

Make no mistake;

Each time you send out an evil thought;

Say an evil word;

Do something evil to someone,

Or carry out an evil activity

You make yourself a wicked one.

And the reverse is true as well;

May we be generators of good not evil!

May the world be a better, not a worse place

Because we are part of it!New pictures 583



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