What happened to our love?

Dear loving one,DSCN1117

My heart is torn to pieces,

And that’s why I am pouring out the pieces to you;

You who told me you loved me;

And will always be there for me.

Is this the love that you said you had for me?

Is this the silver and gold that you promised to give me

If I accepted to marry you?

Do you remember what you told me before we got married?

Have you forgotten your promises to me?

What did you tell me when we first met?

You told me I was your oxygen, didn’t you?

Were you not the one who told me

That the moment you set your eyes on me

Your heart started dancing?

Didn’t you say you could not live without me?

That your heart was burning with love for me?

Didn’t you tell me I was the reason you

Wanted to continue living?

What has gone wrong that you no longer want to see me?

You told me your heart was burning

With love for me

So hard

You feared it would burn to ashes;

You said the first time you set your eyes on me

Your heart almost missed a beat.

What has suddenly gone wrong, my love?

What has happened to that love?

Can a fire that burnt so hot just quench?

You told me I was your queen;

That I was the woman of your dreams;

You said I was your moon and your sunshine;

What do I see now as I speak to you?

Dead love.

Was it dead love you promised me?

What happened to our love?

What happened to that love that burnt in your heart for me?

Is it my fault or yours that we’ve lost it?

Is there nothing we can do to revive it, my love?

Tell me what I can do.

Why are others happy in marriage and not us?


8 thoughts on “What happened to our love?

  1. For everything, give thanks to the Lord. Everything happens for a purpose. Maybe all this happened that you may completely be for him. Go to him in earnest prayer and he will tell you where to go from where you are. All may seem lost but nothing is yet lost. With God, everything is possible. Do not be upset. Do not worry. Do not hurry. Only believe and trust. He will show you the way.

  2. Yes I can identify. Divorced in 2007 and lost children- all six of them. Where do I go from here. It seems everyone wants my children but no one wants me, well almost no one. I remarried and he is the love of my life but I had to give up too. The only hope I have is I somehow am reborn and live for God and hope I do well enough to be !arrived to the Lord.

    • Thank you very much Real. I am delighted to know you are now a fan. Fans are people artists adore because the greatness of every artist comes from their fans. You can see what you mean to me. My purpose in life is to help all those I come across to become great; to become what they aspire to be. This means my fans too. Rest assured I shall do everything I can to support you; inspire and encourage you to become the best person that you can be.

    • Thank you. These are questions many people in the world are asking, aren’t they? We want to know what happens that a relationship will start so beautifully and soon it is on its way to the rocks.

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