Imagine you were 100%…!

DSCN1126Imagine you were 100% focused on your goal!DSCN1152

Can you guess what the outcome would be?

Imagine you were 100% committed to your goal!

Can you see what that would fetch you?

Imagine you were 100% dedicated to your goal!

Can you say what that would reap for you?

Imagine that you took 100% responsibility for your goal!

Can you have any doubt about what that would mean?

Imagine that you loved your goal in life 100%!

Can you see what the fruit of such love would be?SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Imagine that you prayed 100% daily for your goal!

Can you see anything stopping heaven’s support raining on you?

Imagine you having 100% faith in your ability to achieve your goal!

Can you doubt how unstoppable your greatness would be?DSCN0485

I have no doubt at all;

So this is my dream for you.

That you be 100% focused on your goal;

That you be 100% committed; and 100% dedicated to your goal;

That you have 100% faith in your ability to achieve your goal;

That you pray 100%; which means pray without ceasing;

And that you take full responsibility for your goals.

The result will be amazing; awesome!

10 thoughts on “Imagine you were 100%…!

  1. This is so true. I use Pamela Levin’s Seven Laws of Creation when teaching people how to achieve their goals.

    1) I create my vision
    2) I hold my vision before my mind’s eye in each moment.
    3) I am 100% committed to my vision.
    4) I am totally accountable for what happens….what comes up.
    5) I go for what I want to create even though “I don’t know.”
    6) I do whatever it takes.
    7) When I manifest my vision I express my gratitude and am willing to have it.

    She used to ask people if they aren’t 100% committed to doing the above, what percentage would more accurately reflect their level of commitment. If they said 80% she would say, “So what 20% of your vision are you willing to give up?”

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