Passing to you a powerful secret.

DSCN1123Dear loving friends,Picture 076

I am delighted to inform you that I am back after one week of absence. I returned to school for ongoing formation to be updated, re-energized, re-inspired, and re-motivated to carry on the work that I have pledged to do for the rest of my days: to inspire you the best I can so that you bring out the best  in you and fly to the stars.

Someone has said anyone who stops learning should stop teaching. I add that anyone who stops drawing inspiration from others should stop trying to inspire others. You must be inspired to inspire. You must be motivated to motivate. You must be equipped with knowledge to pass knowledge on to others. Hence, there is no end to learning for those passing knowledge to others.

While I was away I could not promptly respond to your comments. Please forgive me. I have just finished that.

DSC_0000143One of the comments brought tears to my eyes. Of course, all your comments are very inspiring; and always make my day. You are all so sweet. I really love you.

A lovely lady, just like many of you, said she was copying one of my poems to paste on her refrigerator where she can see it often. I can bet you that is more than an award to me. I appealed to her to go on and share copies to her friends; do me the service of saying where it is coming from; attaching my link to it. This is the greatest love you can show me.

If you love my work, please, you can do same. Share any post you like with your friends. Take it to the world making sure that you say where it is coming from.

Let me pass to you a powerful secret; one of the greatest secrets in the world.  Many people do not know it. You can use it to get what you want. This is the secret of asking. Did you know that? This is a secret I use a lot. If you want help ask for it. There are millions of loving people in the world who will willingly and happily help you do or become anything if  you ask for their help. There will be jealous ones who will not; but a majority are loving and kind and will.

DSC_0000084But they will not if you don’t ask for their help. The reason being that they will not know what you want.

I encourage you to start today to use this great secret to achieve great things. Start asking for help. People will help you. For one thing, you cannot do it alone.You need others to achieve greatness. If I am doing great things, it is because of you and others; the help you are giving me.

Thank you for pushing me to the summit everyday. May millions of people around the world help you to shine just as you and others are helping me to shine! Ask for their help.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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