This could be your greatest blessing

045As you journey in life, someone may come into your life and will be a real blessing to you by helping no dream is too bigyou succeed:

  • being your source of happiness;
  • bringing sunshine into your life;
  • making you have a high sense of self-worth;
  • enabling you to see life as worth living;
  • and opening your eyes to the many great opportunities and possibilities on your path.

You may also have people who will come into your life, bringing darkness. They might bring some sunshine at the start making you believe your star has begun to shine brightest; but soon that will turn into darkness. They will chase your happiness away; and the sun will stop shining. Your smiles and laughter will disappear. That happy, radiant face will be replaced by a stone, sad one.

Of course, this should not be the end of the world for you. You do not have to let this frustrate you; Or make you give up life. Why try to take away your own life as some people do. That is the coward’s solution.

Life is tough and you should be tough too.

DSCN0486If you look around the world, many have had worse situations than your; and have emerged into the bright sunshine of life. Life is tough and you should be tough too. This situation could be an opportunity for a big turn-around in your life. It could be the key of a door to a red carpet; one you might never have imagined.

If you are in this situation, start now to turn things around. Let it take you to your ivory tower.

My dream for you is, may you find the wisdom and grace to turn this into your greatest blessing in life!

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    • You did just the right thing, lovely friend. We are all journeying together. Feel free to respond to anyone at any time. This forum belongs to all of us. I am sure Yoshiko has appreciated your response.

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