Why not enjoy like us?

What sweet memories I have of you!DSCN1152

Of the early years of our marriage and love;

When together we sat for hours on end;

On some days we went from morning till night;

And at each other, steadily we stared;

Our eyes, with love, as never before filled;DSCN1130

Making us together to play and run and dance;

With youthful gaiety here and there we jumped;

Of each other we were never tired.

You were my hero and I was your Queen.

You actually meant it when you saidDSC_0000143

I was your oxygen; I was your star;

Without which you would not see the road to walk.

You just made me live in Paradise here on earth;

And that’s what you continue to do today;

How lucky indeed I am!DSCN0485

Not like those their hell is here on earth;

And what remains of their early days is

Nothing but sweet memories of the past;

While indeed the truth is they are worlds apart;

Though under the same roof they live;

Nothing binds them that one can say is love;

My heart indeed does bleed so much for them;

And I wonder why things can’t work for them as well;

Why instead a stream of tears nonstop

Does pour and pour down their eyes,

As they live the opposite of what I enjoy.

Quality time, not even a bit they have;

And strange, the daily shower of love we have

The same they knew at the start of their love;

Then of a sudden on rocky grounds it fell;

And before they knew, in broken pieces it was;SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Leaving them loving memories of a love forever lost.

As I think of this my eyes with water fill;

As I see their painful ache of heart

And that each of their lives has come to waste.

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