What life reserves for you.

DSCN0479Welcome to what life reserves for you in the angel’s bag.

Life reserves much for you. Do you want to know what that is? There are numbers below. Follow these instructions:

Write each of the numbers below on a different piece of paper.

  1. Twist or fold them.
  2. Put the twisted or folded papers in a basket or carton.
  3. Shuffle them.
  4. Close your eyes and say a short prayer for God to guide you to pick a message that is meant only for you.
  5. When you end your prayer, send your hand into the basket or carton and pick one piece of paper. Pick only one
  6. Open it and read the number on it.
  7. Go further below and read the message against this number.

That message is what life reserves for you. This is a game that you play only once. Anybody is free to play it. If  friends or classmates gather they can play it.

Share your message in the comment box. Tell us what it means to you. Do you believe it? Are you ready to do what it takes for what is reserved for you to come true?

Rest assured that the message you will pick will be true about you Even if it appears to be too lofty to be true.  Do not doubt it. Begin to work to make it come true. I want to assure you it will come true.DSCN0485

DSC_0000084Here are the numbers: 8, 16, 21, 56, 95, 105, 72, 84, 64, 96, 40, 136, 140, 12, 25, 35, 154, 166, 192, and 44. Write each one on a small piece of paper and twist it so that you are not able to see it when you are picking your own.New pictures 583

Here are the messages.

8. You have enormous potential for great achievement in life. Unfortunately, you are not making the most of yourself. You do not work hard enough. If you work hard and believe in yourself, you will be surprised by what you will do and achieve.

16. You can become a very prominent person in your country or community if you are not already one. All that is required of you is hard work, patience and persistence. Sometimes, you feel discouraged by the setbacks that you encounter and want to give up. Please, don’t give up. Take note that God created you for important responsibilities. If you give up, God will take that you are not strong enough for great responsibility; and will choose someone else for it.

21. Do not feel discouraged. Invest in your children by ensuring that they get a sound education. They are destined for great things. One of them will rise to the position of minister in your country.

56. When God brought you into this world, he opened the way for you to become anything that you strongly desire to be. What is your ambition? Name it and go for it. Don’t doubt. It will be yours; but make sure that you go for it whole-heartedly.

95. You have riches all around you. If they are not already yours, have hope and keep searching for them. They will flow in. You can become a multi-millionaire If not a billionaire. If not, your child will be. The bottom line is that you shall enjoy riches before you leave this world.

105. You are a very intelligent person even if you don’t believe you are; or even if you do not pass or never passed your exams with flying colors. Intelligent people are not always the best in class. You may fail in class or in the certificate exam; or you might have failed in class or in your certificate exam but you will do very well in business and in life. You will reap great rewards. You are indeed an intelligent person. Believe this. It is true.

72. You have what it takes to be a friend to ministers and presidents. If you are a woman, you can get married to a minister if you stop selling yourself short. What do you lack? Nothing!

84. You shall own luxurious cars in your life. You are somebody to reckon with. There are many expensive cars lined up in front of you. They are yours.

96. You have the potential to be a big business magnate. This is where your gift lies. You will be a very rich business no problem, do what your heart desires; and make sure that you get to the summit of it. Always bear in mind that the secret of success is hard work.

64. Do you procrastinate? If you do, that is too bad. Please, be decisive. You are a very intelligent person; but you underestimate yourself. Be up and doing. Get up early everyday and be prompt to spend your time usefully.

40. If you are not what you long to be; if you do not occupy the place that you long to occupy in life; have yourself to blame. God has blessed you with all that you need to become anything you desire to be. Please, decide firmly today what you want to become. Write it down and set a deadline to achieve that goal. Then go fully out for it. I want to assure you that you will achieve it.

136. If you work hard, God will bless you with the opportunity to travel to all over the world: Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. In short, you will travel all over the world. You will enjoy it; and your journeys shall enable you to make friends in different parts of the world.

140. If you are not yet living an enjoyable life in one of the best countries in the world, be sure you shall some day. Your excellent work shall make you famous throughout the world. Bravo!

12. A wonderful blessing is on its way to you. Believe this. Don’t doubt! Continue to work hard and wait in hopeful expectation. It will get to you when the time is ripe; and that could be soon.

25. Either you already own a storey-building or you will own one 10489_10152206347645578_1374916903_nsomeday. There is abundance in your life. If money is not flowing now, don’t worry, it will soon start. But don’t expect it to fall like manna from heaven. Work very hard.

35. Your children are or shall be a blessing to you. Do not mind if you do not see any indication of that now. God’s ways are wonderful and difficult to understand. He has the best in store for you. Your children will make you great.

154. You can be a Minister one day; an MP or a Senator; but if none of these, you will not fail to be a very rich citizen, owning your own mansion.

166. You are blessed in many ways. Do not fail to see this. While you must continue to pray to God for more blessings and work hard for them, remember to thank the almighty God. Gratitude to the lord pays. Oh! How he loves you! He will continue to bless you.

292. If you are still young, you could be House Speaker one day regardless whether you are male or female. You have many talents. They may not be very visible to you or anyone now but are there. Congratulations!

44. You are someone of quality. People of quality easily get to the top. You are on your way to the top. Do not mind if your quality is not very pronounced now. Sometimes the things that appear to be wrong end up being right.DSCN1123


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  1. 140. If you are not yet living an enjoyable life in one of the best countries in the world, be sure you shall some day. Your excellent work shall make you famous throughout the world. Bravo!

    wow!! amazing!!

    i aspire to do just that….

    Kind Regards and thank you for this wonderful opportunity – K

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