A letter to father No. 1


DSC_0000183Dear Father,

Permit me to air my views to you on a pertinent issue concerning Picture 056our family. You and mother are not living well.  I wonder if you really love yourselves. Tell me father, do you love my mother?

Both of you are not living as husband and wife should. You are not walking hand in hand as the Creator wants you to. Instead, you are going in different directions; working against each other; standing on each other’s way; fighting each other; undercutting each other; and making life a hell instead of a heaven for both of you and our family.  What a pity Father!

This worries me. I plead with you to do something, father, so that you and mother can be happy; and make us happy too.

Thank you very much!

I love you,

Your son, Letiva.


11 thoughts on “A letter to father No. 1

  1. A very, very touching letter. To voice can sometimes be very difficult or painful for a child, of any age; healing thoughts and prayers sent to Letiva for the courage to voice and for his parents that they heard with open arms and work together if for nothing more then the sake of their children.

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