The Master key

“Do what God wants you to do and God will do what you want Him to do.” (Ngobesing Suh Romanus).

How about this? True or false? Comment.

23 thoughts on “The Master key

      • Absolutely no. As I said, no one controls God. We can pray all we want, but until we put action towards what we are praying for, and until we help ourselves, God will not be heard from. We work hand in hand with God. And sometimes even when we put action to our prayer, we still don’t hear from God. That to me is a signal we are on the wrong road. Time to turn around and find another road. Just some of my thoughts ……

        • Thank you for your thoughts. They are good food for thought. I agree with you. We must ‘put action towards what we are praying for’ and as commonly said, ‘God helps those who help themselves. Have a great day; and may you continue to enlighten the world with your ideas!

          • My dearest friend, as you are perhaps well aware of, those of us who do walk on the Higher Road, holding the Torch of Truth up high and courageously, are not easily accepted in this world of today. As I told someone else lately, I pay a high price for what I do, even for who I am, and doing what I do. Regardless of that price, I will not compromise. Jesus did not. And he of all, is my guide, my mentor, my example of how to walk my Life.

            I have just recently been reunited for a small portion of time with my blood family, then again separated due to our lives and where we live. In that short span, I had so hoped we would finally start learning how to really Love one another. Disappointment set in, as time slowly ticked by, I saw that still I had not been accepted for who I am by own family. Even in my personal life, that pattern remains. So I turn to those whose ears are open, whose Hearts are ready, to understand that the Way of Life is the Higher Road.

            May you have a most Blessed Day, Ngobesing. May we both know the wonder and glory of the mystery of God this day, which in turn will uplift our Hearts to such great heights of Joy! With Love, your sister, Amy

            • Dear Amy, thanks for opening up to me. It is sad when family cannot be united; and this is so common in the world. Sometimes the closest persons become the farthest; and new people in our lives become our real family. With regard to ones stand for God, one must be firm. The world is bad because a lot of people compromise the truth. What is right must be embraced and what is evil rejected. May this day be bright for you and the rest of days. Love you too. Bye!

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