Do you know sin of omission?


Have you understood what is causing all the trouble in the world? It is sin.

Without sin, there would be no evil in the world. It is through sin that evil gets into the world. Remove sin and the world becomes a wonderful place for everybody.

Many people do not know the full meaning of sin; and so commit some sins without knowing. They see sin only in terms of the bad things that people do. This is incomplete. Sin is the bad things which people do and the good things which people fail to do.

The bad things which people do are sins of commission.  The good things which people fail to do are sins of omission.

By omission, they fail to do things that they could, and ought to have done.  St. James states this clearly in his fourth letter, ‘… those who do not do the good they know they should do are guilty of sin (James 4:17).

There are many things that we are supposed to do but which we fail to do.  Yet, we do not bother that we have failed to do them. We ought to bother because they are sins. By failing to do the good that we should have done we disobey God.

A good study will show you that the so many problems that we have in the world are not caused by what we have done alone but both by what we have done and what we have failed to do.

Take injustice in the world.

Those who commit the sin of injustice are not only those who do unjust acts, but also those who fail to stop injustice when they are able to. This means those who fail to speak out against injustice when they are in a position to do so; and those who can do something about injustice but do nothing.

Someone has said: ‘He who has the ability to act on an injustice, but who stands idly by, is just as guilty as he who holds the knife.’

As Martin Luther King says, ‘In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.’

Yes! If our friends are silent when an injustice is being done to us, they do great harm to us; a harm as great as, if not greater than the injustice itself. Luther must have found this sin of omission more serious than the sin of commission.

We commit many sins of omission every day; but sadly we do not seem to be aware. We ought to be conscious of both the sins of commission and the sins of omission and avoid committing them so that our world can become the excellent place that our creator meant it to be.



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    • An evil act is sin only if it is done deliberately. To kill somebody is not always a sin. You might hit somebody accidentally with your car and the person dies. It is a bad thing but it is not a sin; rather it is an accident.

  2. Collective responsibility is really an important matter to deal with.

    Obviously, the original sin can only be solved by the Messiah, however, there are sins what our ancestors did (like it or not, for thousands of years) and either we or our descendants have to indemnify them. The same way, if we are born into a nation, its history is far from spotless, we receive the hatred, yet, we haven’t even lived or been present when the pain and sorrow was caused. We had to deal with this, too.
    And every day, our individual deeds are measured by the inside scale, our consciousness. We also have to solve our individual sins, too, both in prayers and in practice with the people around.
    Peace, eternal love and abundance, mutual co-existence can be realized this way.

    Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!

  3. So true are your words. I’ve noticed with some people I have talked to it appears many just feel or think sin is in the eye of the beholder. Hmm perhaps a good thought for a post. Is anyone inspired. I focus on the teachings of the word; keeping in my mind that being a sinner there are always more to embrace the Good Book..

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