Sharing my dream


DSCN1152“To truly achieve any goal, we must have faith and believe that our desires will come into our reality” (Dr. Davis Davis).

The top is waiting for me. That is where I want to be some day. That is my dream; my heartfelt dream; and I am sure I will achieve it. The world will hear about me someday and know and respect me.

Did you say I was over ambitious?

Of course, if you do, you are right; but, so be it. I am ambitious; very ambitious; and proud to be.

As long as it is an ambition that doesn’t push me to do harm to another; it doesn’t make me exploit, trample on; cheat; betray; or pull down, I feel comfortable with it.

Why would it bother anyone that I have such a great dream? ManyDSC_0000144 others have or have had similar dreams and have actually achieved them. You find them right at the top; and the world hears and talks about them every day. Who are they more human than?

Everyone has a right to their ambition. If you want to walk on the moon some day or on Mars, that is your right which you are free to achieve. Why not? Some people have already been to the moon; and they are humans like you and I.

Our problem is often selling ourselves short; and the common reason is we want to please others. We do not want others to see us as being over ambitious.

DSC_0000084Undoubtedly, vaulting ambition can be dangerous if it blinds us to reality and the good of others; but my reason for wanting to get to the top is to help others to get to where their creator wants them to be. I want to get to the top so that I may contribute in a more significant way to the building of an excellent world for everybody.

I know I will get to my destination because it’s what my creator designed for me. He put it into my heart; and has fully equipped me with what it takes to accomplish it. Every day, on my path, he puts the right men and women to help me reach, inspire and transform the lives of one billion people and together we make the world an excellent place for all. So wonderful is it not?

Now, what of you?

Like me, I think you should set your eyes on what our Creator designed for you. You must set your heart on becoming what He created you to be. You don’t have to shy away from your dream just because you are lazy or afraid, or lack faith both in yourself and in Him.Rows of Grapevines at Vineyard


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  2. when we set our eyes on God’s way we shall be surprised at the end of the road to see what we could accomplish. We only have to have to courage to keep continuing, no matter how others want to discourage us and disappoint us.

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