1000 Great Quotes by Great Contemporary Writers

“So…be open to others, be loving, and see how all that love comes back to you” (Christine).

Dear friends,

A few weeks back we started an activity: compiling quotable quotes by great contemporary writers. Many of you have been enthusiastic about this activity and have participated actively in it. Now we count about 200 of these quotes. This is great.

You must have noticed some of these quotes are already being used on some of the posts on this blog. More will be used. I encourage you to use them on your blogs, other writings and speeches. We have to give value to one another’s ideas and work otherwise, who else will?

Our target is to get our first one thousand quotable quotes by great contemporary writers. The next thing shall be to publish them and it shall be a joint publication by all those whose quotes shall feature in it. The proceeds from this project shall be shared proportionately to the number of quotes that each one has in the book.

This project shall go on and on. I like you to think about it and come up with suggestions on how we can make it work out well for our growing community.

In the meantime, I encourage you to send us as many of your own thoughts as possible. I mean thoughts on any subject which you believe are quotable stuff. If you go through your books, posts, and speeches you have made at occasions, you may be surprised to find many quotable thoughts in them. Please send them to us. Just put them in the comment box as ‘Quotable quotes by Contemporaries’. It may be part of your comment on a post or it may stand on its own.

If you do not find any quotes in your writings, you can craft one or them. Take time and reflect on any subject of your choice and put together the ideas that come to your mind on it. Take time and polish your ideas; your sentence or sentences so that they should stand out as great statements.

You may also find great stuff in the posts you read on the net. Please, send them for inclusion.

Through this project we want to bring our contemporary world together in one book series.

Tell us what you think about this idea.. Suggest ideas that can make this project more successful.  Thank you in advance.


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