Try and try again


When you try and do not succeed,

Try and try again;

And when again you try

And do not succeed,

Try with all your might.

Of everything, do not give up;

Do not be discouraged;

Keep on trying until success comes your way.

Bear in mind:

Success is achieved by those who try;

Success is achieved by those who persist;

Success is achieved by those who keep on keeping on

Until they succeed!

Be not a quitter

For, as we rightly know,

The quitter never wins,

And the winner never quits.

The quitter is the loser not the winner.

When you keep on trying,

Chances are,  someday some how

You will win.

Lose not heart, then,

When success is hard to come your way;

But keep on trying

Until you succeed.

Then you will know

How sweet is the taste of success;

For, in truth, the harder success comes,

The sweeter it tastes

When it does.

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