What I told young people

“To inspire is like lighting a fire. It can spread rapidly and affect many” ( Ron Yarosh)

Once, I had occasion to advise a group of young people on success. Following is an extract of what I said to them:

My dear young friends, it is a wonderful pleasure for me to be invited to talk to you today on success. You want me to tell you what you must do to become the persons that God created you to become.

I will tell you what you need to do to stand out and be counted in this world.

There are many things I can tell you; but let me say just a few so that you can easily remember them.

1. Use your time well

If you want to be somebody in the world tomorrow, make the best use of your time today. If you use your time well, you will succeed.  If you use it poorly, you will fail woefully. I usually tell young people “Waste today, regret tomorrow; use today well; be happy and proud tomorrow.”

2. Decide where you want to be tomorrow.

You are the parents and leaders of tomorrow. Tomorrow is in your hands. What type of parents and leaders shall you be? Shall you be just another leader or a great leader? Some of you shall rise to high positions. Some of you shall end in low positions. Where shall you as an individual be? Decide now and start working towards it. There is no time to waste.

3.Build a solid foundation for your life.

When a foundation is solid, the house that is built on it becomes solid. Build a strong foundation for your life.  What you harvest is what you plant. Invest in yourself. Build yourself.  Make yourself strong. Life is not easy and demands that you be strong. If you are weak, others will crush you. Life is a difficult race and only the strong cross its winning-point.

4. Dream big

Set your eyes on the stars. Do not sell yourself short. You were born to win; and God put in you all the potential that you need to become the person you like to be.

5. Build your life on values.

Be a person of integrity. Success that is achieved through dishonest means is not real success. It is failure that looks like success.

6. Stand out and be counted.

Carve out a place for yourself. Make your voice heard above the crowd. Do not try to please everybody. Know what you want and go for it; and remain focused and have it. This is determination and persistence.

7. Put God at the center

Most important of all, put God at the center of your life. Place your trust in Him. Have faith in Him and go to Him often in prayer believing He will answer your prayer.

These are only a few points extracted from advice I gave to some young people. There are certainly points that can be added. Can you think of any? Why not share? Your advise could help some young persons succeed in life.

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