Your destiny can only be delayed


Wonders shall never end.

Mensa never believed he could go that far;

And none, for that matter, ever did.

But there he was high in the sky

Flying on top of the world;

Soaring higher and higher every day;

Indeed, no one knows tomorrow;

God alone does.

If you have a great destiny

But the time for it to get ripe has not come,

It may look like you have no destiny at all;

And then you may labor in vain to hasten up things;

But when that right moment comes,

Nothing will stop you;

None can change anything destined for you.

What heaven has granted you can only be delayed

It can never be stopped;

Of this, I am sure.


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        • I love to see people make use of their talents to shine. When I see this I am happy and love to give my own encouragement. I know what encouragement can do and so I make good use of it. Thank you for liking what I do and appreciating it. When one of ours shines, our world shines brighter.

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