Do not stop running


Many are first today

Who shall be last tomorrow;

Many shall be first tomorrow

Who are last today.

If you are trailing in the race, do not stop running;

Nothing stops you from coming from behind

And winning the race;

It’s not at the start of a race that we know who the winner is;

It’s at the end of the race where the winning point is found

That we know who has won and who has lost;

Many at the top today were at the bottom yesterday.

Many at the bottom yesterday are at the top today;

We are not rightly judged by what we did yesterday;

We are rightly judged by what we do today;

Many on the wrong road yesterday are on the right road today;

Many on the right road yesterday are on the wrong road today.

We must regret the past only when we fail to fix the present.

We do not sit on our laurels if others will not come from behind

And win the race.

Many are those who were down yesterday

But who are high up today

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7 thoughts on “Do not stop running

  1. This is so true!

    Many years ago, my brother was participating in a cycling race; he was coming stone last round after round. After the race, my very young daughter told him that she could not understand what the point was to continue riding if he was coming last. Neither could he, he replied, but it is worse to give up!
    I have never forgotten that.
    There are, of course, some instances when one must know to call a halt, but most often we give up, even though what we do is still what we want to do most of all.

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