Are women their own problem?

The Beijing Conference took place in 1995. Many years are gone SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESby.

Look at this statement:

“The women of the world are definitely better today than they were before the Beijing Conference. However, much more would have been achieved had women not been their own obstacle.

The man is not the woman’s problem.The woman is the woman’s problem; the woman’s enemy.

It is a woman who stands on the way of  another woman.  It is a woman who makes it hard for another woman to shine. It is a woman who will make another woman feel bad about herself; feel inferior; have low self-esteem.

It is a woman who does not want to see another woman well dressed. It is a woman who will not want to see another woman n a beautiful car. It is a woman who will not respect another woman.

??????????If a woman becomes the boss it is a woman who will under look her. It is a woman who will receive a woman shabbily in her office not a man.

If women are still suppressed, undervalued, or shabbily treated they should lame themselves not men.”


15 thoughts on “Are women their own problem?

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  2. PS: all women are of The Great Whore mentality as they ruin the planet in their never ending chemical search for the Face Cream of Life – notice how men got way better things to do, than to fix what they broke on purpose = for attention. all-ways an excuse, NEVER and explanation. women don’t even respect themselves… LQQK at what they CHOOSE to do, then LQQK how they ditch responsibility. Leaders. Nope. Something else… like a distraction and temptation. notice how men all get along? There;s your answer right there.

  3. … and only stating TO women THE OBVIOUS… but they just WANT, not need, WANT… and hilarious they HAD to be told this, which is common sense. GREAT… so they don’t have that wither as they run around causing problems for attention and we call it competitive reproductive gestating… and nothing but EXCUSES. G-D HAD (past tense) a wife too ya know, the gals just don’t want you to read about her getting booted for her “udder disrespect”, pun intended. Laying around making excuses, welp, should’ve got involved, because it’s WAY TO LATE NOW.

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  6. As a woman, I so wanted for you to be wrong. Unfortunately, I experienced what you’ve talked about and concede you your point, though I wish I didn’t have to. 😀 Thanks for bring this to our attention at a time when it is needed. Leenna

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