Who celebrates on the international Day of the woman? Is it a day for women only or also for men? What are your wishes for all those who are celebrating?


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  1. i am an ardent feminist with a passion for humanity and a sense of humor. no “international women’s day” would be required if women were not oppressed in the first place. 🙂

  2. Men batter women out of fear and insecurity. Men are afraid, either due to their own doing or insecurities in general, men are not allowed to be afraid. So they beat the women that bring out those feelings in them. Though it is not the woman’s doing. Then women stay out of their fear and men grow further afraid because they know no one in their right mind should stay under such circumstances, so she must be up to something but what? He doesn’t know so he beats her. Men are not allowed to be afraid because it appears weak. Men are not allowed to be weak. So they beat their wife. Men are allowed this with a weak and a nod because it shows strength. Except the woman knows it is not strength. It is weakness. Weakness from fear, weak character, weak soul. He knows she knows and so he beats her more.

    If she can find a way that ensures her safety allows her to support her self and is less scary then where she lives every day. She will go free. The fear of the unknown and her ability to survive it has to be more sure and less scary than the predictability of the beatings. She is strong, patient, has created a resolve in her soul. She’s already won. He can’t beat her love, compassion, humor, intelligence, or strength out of her. With each strike it only beats it out of himself. She will be free.

    • Interesting comment. Many of the things you say are true of some men. My prayer is that men and women should behave in ways that the relationship between them never gets to the level you paint in your comment. Every human being (man and woman) should support each other, collaborate not oppose each other.

      • Ngobeaing Romanus. Thank you for your response. I don’t feel this way about “most men”. I do feel this true about “men who beat women”. I don’t believe most men beat women. We must create an intolerance about men that beat women. Until we do we will be hard pressed to stop it.

        • You are very right. It is a long time I found a man beating his wife. I think it takes us far behind. How can you say you love someone and still beat them up? Wife battering is simply unacceptable. Wives also should help their husbands not to beat them up. Some women provoke their husbands to a point where the men find themselves having to use force. Having a peaceful, spousal relationship devoid of beating calls for joint effort from husband and wife.

          • I’m sorry to disagree. However, no one can make one person beat another person. Until that is absolutely clear in everyone’s mind, it will never stop. As long as people make it an acceptable practice based on the premises there is a example at which a woman will deserve it. All men will decide their woman fits under that exception. Any oppressor will find an excuse for their outrageous monstrous behavior. They have to in order to feel okay with themselves. We all know their are some lines we just won’t cross like robbing a bank or beating a child, murder etc. A wife is not a husbands property nor his child to be scolded. Is a wide allowed to beat her husband of provoked? I doubt it. Are men allowed to beat other men if provoked? Can a woman beat another woman if provoked? Can a citizen beat a policeman if provoked? Can a customer beat a bank teller or bill collector if provoked? No, no, no. We know there are lines we cannot cross and beating women have to be one of them. Blaming the victim will never solve the problem nor be a solution. Define provoke? It’s an ambiguous term left to interpretation by the aggressor. I’d a man is not strong enough to contain his power he shouldn’t enter into a relationship. And if being provoked do what we teach children to do, walk away.

            • Thank you for your views. I see you have very strong views on this matter and you express them with much conviction. This is laudable. I feel particularly impressed when you ask if a citizen can beat a policeman if provoked. You are right. Many people would swallow their pride and/or anger to escape the hammer of the law. Still there are people of such tempers that they will do it before coming to their senses. When I deal with humans I always take into consideration that we have different personality styles, different behavior patterns and would react differently to the same circum-stances. There are some people who are very easy to offend. Just a little thing and they are in flames. They also very easily hit anyone who stands on their way. Others are slow to anger even if you hit them. If I know that you are the quick tempered type who will flare at the least thing that does not go your way, I will try to avoid you. We have to work hard to know the person we are married to: is your spouse touchy? Quick tempered? Prone to using their fist to establish their authority? What in their background has made them the way they are. We must be conscious of one thing: it is difficult to change an adult. We have to learn coping or accommodation mechanisms. Remember the prayer which asks the Lord to help us accept the things which we cannot change. Certain things are difficult but we must be aware and accept them, In this world we cannot say things must always be our way. Things will be our way sometimes and sometimes they will not.
              I hope you find these words useful as far as our discussion is concerned.

              • Thank you very much. I can see too that you’ve put a lot of thought into this as well and I appreciate and respect your opinions. And the discussion is good as it shares similar and yet different view in a peaceful and respectful manner. It is my prayer that people wait to marry until they know those things about a potential spouse and thus tell that partner they cannot enter into an agreement of marriage until such a time that is handled through counseling or some similar means. The premise to control those things that I can and know which I can’t is very applicable in the sense that the first time anyone hits anyone in anger will be your best and easiest time to leave. Leaving is the answer to an abusive relationship not tip toeing through land minds. As the tiptoeing will increase the abusers righteousness in his actions and all domestic violence increases in severity over time. As permission is given every time the person stays. There is a brainwashing that takes place first that makes it near impossible to leave, and that’s why family and friends cannot find her at fault if they want to keep her safe. Thank you so much for providing this venue for debate and the respect you given me as we disagree. My prayers for anyone in this horrific cycle.

                • Thank you for you approach too. As you can see communication opens the door to understanding. After communicating up to this point you can see that we understand each other’s position better; and when people respect each other’s position, they move on well.
                  What I advise young people is to make sure they know the person they are opting to live with for life. Many marriages run into rocks because the two young people rush into it without knowing themselves: the values they stand for; their position on key issues of life. You should test the boy you intend to marry to know his stand on wife battering before you get married. What is his position on fidelity in marriage? etc. Honestly I am against fights in the home and believe that if a marriage is not happy there is no use wasting two lives by maintaining it. If it does not work, call it off and look for what works. At the same time I am very convinced that most marriages suffer because the spouses lack the tools that are needed to make the marriage succeed. I have seen marriages on the verge of breaking up saved when the spouses got the right tools. Often it is just a lack of knowledge of the other person and what pushes them to do as they do. You may find someone very wicked because of the poor fellows filters. Once they get the right help, they get out of it and become angels.

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