Justification for wife-battering

As we focus on the international Day of the Woman, it is in place to look at an issue that keeps coming up: violence against women.

Some men barter their wives; some do not.

Why do men barter their wives?  Is it a sign of love as some people say it is?.

There are people who say it is a way for the man to assert his manhood and headship of the family.

What is your take on this? What is the justification for wife-battering?


13 thoughts on “Justification for wife-battering

  1. Can one be utterly unbias? You may have to step outside your individualness and put on an alien suite to see it, but God gave us love. We become one when a woman becomes a mother and a man becomming a father.

  2. It may be hard to find the root to this evil, but along the way, the man may feel that his wife doesn’t listen to him anymore making him feel unimportant. Is it that the woman wants to move forward as a family and the man doesn’t want to let go completely of his dreams and what comes along after is alot of different examples. I’m sure too, that the woman have her dreams, but the makeup is got to be different. Just I a judgeless thought.

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