Be careful with success

Success can be very dangerous.DSC_0000143

Did you know that?

Indeed, it can be.

Many of us fight hard to succeed;

Hardly do we know we are threading on dangerous ground.

Success can land you in trouble you never imagined.

Success can ruin your life.DSCN0485

Success can lead to your death.

Success has led many to death.

Success has destroyed many great people.

Success has ruined marriages;DSC_0000144

Success has destroyed friendship;

Success has scattered families.

What does this mean?

Should we no longer aspire to succeed?

Far from it!

It only means we have to be careful with success;

We have to know how to manage success;

It doesn’t suffice to succeed.

If you succeed and do not mange it well, it will destroy you.

If you let it go up your head, you are finished.

It’s good to succeed.DSC_0000118

Success is the best thing to come your way

If you learn how to manage it well;

If not, beware of success!


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