What a complex world!

The world is such a complex place.
Where all kinds of people are found;
Some are young and some are old;
Some are short, and some are tall;
Some are fat, and some are thin.

The world is such a complex place.
Where all kinds of people are found;
Some are talkative; and some are silent;
Some will help you
And some will stand on your way;

The world is such a complex place;
Where all kinds of people are found;
Some will discourage you;
Some will encourage you;
Some will hate you; some will like you.

You must learn to cope with all.



16 thoughts on “What a complex world!

  1. True statement, but those who try to block other people’s way, find themselves always being losers. To a winner, it is to allow blessings to flow by not being a stumbling block, there is danger in doing so. It is better to be talkative for the good purpose of evangelizing.

  2. Ah, it is all in the learning to accept all for who they are, is it not? The Journey of Becoming a Master of All. I don’t know about you, but I have such a long ways to go yet, for the more I do see or seem to know, the more I see the less I truly do know. A true way of becoming free in our Journey here upon Planet earth is understanding the diversity and complexity of people, and enjoy those qualities instead of trying to change them. Yes? Great poem, my friend, simply said for a complex subject. Thank you for this Gift you have given not only me but all who did come this day to see you. Love, Amy

    • Hello Amy! Thank you lovely friend. Despite your charged program you always have time to see what others are doing. It’s a wonderful quality. No doubt you have so many friends; a great site. May your light continue to shine!

      • Ngobesing, I do my very best to visit those people’s blogs who come to Petals. I really enjoy learning what their blogs are all about, and it just makes for a richer relationship when we do interact. I must admit, though, as my blog keeps growing, the blogging is getting more challenging. I am learning to take it in chunks, doing what I can, leaving the rest for either a later time that day, or for another new day. Bless you for your regards towards me. Please keep me in prayer that as I continue to shine, I will be able to keep up with the expanding Petals. I send my Love to you this day! (((HUGS))) Amy

        • Thank you immensely. Yes! When we start it is easy to visit our friends’ blogs often but soon it becomes more and more difficult as our blog grows. Yes! Petals will grow. There is no doubt about it. Your work is being blessed; and shall be blessed more and more. When God says yes nobody can say no. God is saying yes to you and many, including me, are behind you. Love!

          • Oh, Ngobesing, I know God is blessing Petals, I know. And I know I am not given more then I can handle, yet, some days, when I see how many are waiting for me to comment, or how when the day comes I go about to others’ blogs to see their work and comment .. there are times the vastness of it all, leaves me stunned. I did not foresee this happening, not at all, my friend. I am so humbled by all that has transpired and at the same time, take what I have been given very seriously to Heart. Bless you for being a part of my Life, for helping me, and thank you for helping this world. May God Bless YOU! (((HUGS))) Amy

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