Don’t listen

Don’t listen to discouraging messages!

They will kill your dream.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you it can’t be done!

They will stop you from doing what you want to do.

Don’t listen to people who fear to risk!

They know nothing about risk and achievement.

Don’t listen to people who have no dreams!

They think everyone should be dreamless like them.

Don’t listen to people who have nothing but fear to offer!

They will poison your mind with fear.

Don’t listen to discouraging messages from anybody!

They will discourage you.

24 thoughts on “Don’t listen

  1. Great post. A lot of my family has told me not to pursue becoming an artist….”Well, you can always do that on the side.” I’ll be painting a picture and they’ll come in and tell me the colors I chose for the water or tree is all wrong. Isn’t there anything I can do besides the higher paying jobs like nursing? I’m told I should become a cosmetologist or nurse because, “they make a lot of money.” Well, I listened to one of the critics and started taking nursing preliminaries but wasted the government’s money and lost interest.. Later in life I listened to another critic who told me to go for cosmetology because they made more money than jewelry artists. The same people have discouraged me from becoming a mother and trying to make money as an artist and also discouraged me from being a Christian. I m so tired of negative, critical, un Godly people !

  2. I am inspired by you , and thank you for your encouragement. I sometimes feel discouraged in my work but l thank God for people like you. I am learning as l follow your posts. God bless you

    • I am very happy to hear what you say. Thank you for such great compliment. I feel most delighted each time I know my work has impacted on somebody. My most cherished dream is to reach and touch millions of people and transform their lives positively. My prayer is that what I write may touch you to bring out the best in you and become the person God created you to become.

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