Do you share my experience?

I have an experience and like to know if anyone shares it. Sometimes I write a post and become very excited about it. I think it is first class. Then with very high expectations I publish it.
To my greatest surprise, it inspires very few people.
Instead, the one that I think is just another post is the one that brings in lots of ‘likes’.
What usually happens?
Let me give you and example.Look at this post:

  • Keep on.
  • I thought I would hit the summit with it. But see where it is.I just keep asking myself what is happening. Who can help?

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    1. The best thing you can do is simply focus on content and the intent to provide valuable advise. Don’t worry for how many likes a particular entry gets, the important thing is that the experience or information you are sharing might be of great value to one single person.

    2. This happens to me frequently. I sometimes publish photos with quotes, and the ones that to me are the most inspiring don’t get much response. Who knows? I guess the answer is to publish what we want to publish and what inspires us. If only one person is helped or inspired or comforted, then the post was a success. Because who knows who that one person will inspire or what that one person will achieve? Cheers, my friend!

    3. Yes I think that happens to most of us. Sometimes the ones we put a lot of work into it and it doesn’t do very well. Some of it is timing – including the day of the week or the time of day. I have experimented with timing. Also if I put alot of posts out in a row or close together one or more may get lost in the pile. I try to space them out. Blessings to you my friend.

      • I agree with you Nicodemas. sometimes a post is doing very well and then I soon come up with another post which eclipses the first one that started out doing very well. I agree too that timing counts.

    4. I also want to add, that you don’t know what your readers are going through or experiencing. Things you say to them maybe obvious, and some things, you may strike a cord with them, depending on where they are at, at the time in their mind, and in their lives.

    5. You can never read people. Just publish what you want, what you like, then move on to writing something else is my experience. As a comedian I found what you are saying to be true. Some jokes I thought were really funny, got eh’s. Throw away jokes, or filler, would sometimes get better responses. Just do what you do, be happy, and move on, and keep on writing. Eventually things click at the right time. That’s my opinion anyway.

    6. We have no control over who will be inspired by the things we write. I completely understand what you are talking about. There have been things that I felt would be a homerun, but it barely allowed me to make it to first base. One thing I understand is that…at first it may not have received the attention I would have hoped for, but if I allowed God to take control of it as I have asked Him to do…in the perfect time and season, it will inspire exactly who needed it the most.

    7. That happens to me all the time! One of my most “liked” posts was one that was just a quick write. The one I finished and felt really proud of barely got read at all.

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