Beware of these love killers!

Someone has told me there are more than twenty “love killers”. I have tried to come out with them but I ended with only nine:
1. lies.
2. cheating.
4. Not listening to your spouse.
5. Irresponsibility.
6. stinginess.
7. Blaming.
8. Exchange of words.
9. Fights.
Do you know more? Please help me complete this list. I want to know these love killers because I want to guard against them. I do not want my love to be killed.
By the way which are the most dangerous on this list? Which kill love fastest? Kindly give me your help on this.
Thanks for your kindness.

34 thoughts on “Beware of these love killers!

  1. The first one I thought of after reading the list is lack of empathy/sympathy which either reflects the will or ability to understand the partner. Either the person is unable to grasp how the other person is feeling or purposely chooses not to

  2. A lot of people won’t admit it but “LOM” (lack of money) will kill the love quickly for a lot of people. You’ve got to admit that too many people are still on that radio station WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

  3. To me, the most important element of a healthy relationship is time spent together. When someone in the relationship is noticeably absent, often, or is absent even when they’re present … that’s a surefire killer.

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