Grain for the heart

The sowing season has come;
What shall we, this season sow?
Grain for the body or grain for the heart?
As in the soil the seeds of grain we sow,
In our hearts the seeds of love must we also sow.
If we could such lovely seeds sow,
What a world of love and harmony shall we have!
And this is what the world most needs.
Hence, the seed of love wherever we go,
Let us sow dear friend!
For what the world most need is love.
The world needs love as the world needs food;
None, without the other shall do much good.
One is grain for the body;
The other is grain for the heart.

16 thoughts on “Grain for the heart

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    Spring coming along, the men on the fields are sawing again. But how about our spiritual grain and the abundance in our hearts?

    Many today are not so much interested in sawing are trying to get the best seeds, as long as they can have as much fun as possible. There sex life is not build on love but on personal pleasure and used as a hunting trophy

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  3. Grain for the body and grain for the heart – beautiful. In fact, the more important grain is that which needs to be sowed to nurture the spirit and the nobler qualities that are there in us

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