What if no one encourages you?

Encouragement is a good thing. There can be no doubt about this. We are told that the great American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne became such a great writer because of the encouragement he got from his wife.
The question is: what if there is nobody to encourage you? What if all you ever get is discouragement?
There is an answer:
If no one encourages you, encourage yourself.
If people try to discourage you, encourage yourself.
If you find discouragement coming from yourself, turn to the master of encouragement who says in Matthew 28:20: ‘I am with you always, to the very end of age.”
The apostles listened to these words of encouragement and went on to establish a Church which is conquering the world.

If you do as they did, what will stop you from going on like them to do something that will rock the world?

12 thoughts on “What if no one encourages you?

  1. Nice post! Didn’t have much encouragement until I met my husband. I feel a lot more confident now, especially since I was given that nudge I needed to accomplish goals I previously felt I couldn’t attain. Thanks for posting!

    • Sometimes, it is even more thrilling when things happen like this because you amaze people with what you suddenly achieve. I know what you are talking about. I have encouraged a lot of people who never had encouragement in their younger days and I have seen the result – great results. I am sure if your husband keeps encouraging you the world will hear about you. After five children, some of who are now big, my wife went back to school is an agronomist and is currently doing a Masters in Soil Sciences.

  2. I was rarely encouraged as a child and was not congratulated or praised for my accomplishments. Nonetheless, I persevered. I studied in Australia (I am American) during high school, returned to the U.S., completed a university degree, and worked as a journalist. I won several awards as a journalist before going back to school at the University of Notre Dame where I earned an advanced degree. Even then, no one in my family recognized my accomplishments. No one even acknowledged that I had earned an advanced degree. It was as if everything I had done was ignored. I went to work for the government for several years and then went into teaching. I have been honored many times for my teaching abilities and have won many teaching awards. Today, I am partially retired and teach part time in an evening high school for young people who must work during the day to help support their families. I also teach part time in the largest women’s prison in my state. Many times I almost gave up when I was young. I thank God for seeing me through and being my support when I did not have the active support of my family.

    • Touching story. As I can see, you have been strong and made it big with a lot of recognition. You might have done much more with a little more encouragement but thank God for what you have been able to accomplish. I believe your story can make a very inspiring book. I encourage you to write a book on it. It’s hard to say how far it will go; but I believe it will go far.

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