In love with a physically disabled person?

Dear friends, let me ask you a question:if your spouse suddenly became disabled either by illness or accident, what would you do? Would you still love them?

This is a question that was on my mind throughout the week-end
while I was out of the city.

Effectively, Emilia and I were out of the city. We joined two other couples and a Priest to facilitate a Marriage workshop. I believe in marriage.

Twenty-two couples and a Sister attended the workshop during which we equipped them with tools for responsible decisions in their marriages.

We talked about happiness in marriage; and among the many lessons that came out were: to love is a decision. If you want to be happy in your marriage, take the decision to love; be the first to love; and love unconditionally.

Secondly, You have to learn to communicate effectively with your spouse. Effective communication is a big key to a successful marriage.

These are wonderful lessons aren’t they? Indeed! now, let’s go back to our question: if your spouse suddenly became disabled either by illness or by an accident, what would you do? Would you still love them?

How would you react if a physically disabled person came up to you and said they wanted to marry you or your child?

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  1. Heart and soul are eternal, flesh is only temporary.
    A marriage with God in it is a path towards true love with absolute values.
    Since we all need to make this world a better place, our actions, deeds, thoughts, mindset, attitude and heart will decide whether we are capable to indemnify, atone, grow and mature, live an life for the sake of others or we will stuck in the old, unbearable habits, far from any ideal…
    Marriage is a Blessing, a promise in what we can study the heart of God, our Heavenly Father. So why would anyone stop loving in it?

    Have a Nice and Blessed Day!

  2. Marriage is a sacred promise to love. If my husband was disabled, I would continue to love him because of our promise and because he would not be defined by his disability. Also, I would support my children marrying a spouse who could fulfill their marital vow and who we all felt was chosen by God.

    Loving post <3

          • That was my guess! My parents were involved in Marriage Encounter in the early 80’s and, while my husband and I aren’t currently, “love is a decision” touched my soul and has stayed with me, formed me. Good for you and I’m so glad we’ve had this conversation, this connection! PS, my son Ian was just confirmed this past Sunday 😀

            • I wish you had continued in Marriage Encounter. I do not know how I can encourage you to pick up from where you left it. My experience is that you understand the concepts better with time and the more you journey with other couples who have the same values like you, i.e who have been encountered. Every month we meet in our neighbor hood and spend quality time as encountered couples, journeying together and reminding ourselves of the values we stand for as married persons. Every two/three months we meet in a larger community. These and many more have made our marriage a source of inspiration to other couples around us. In marriage, we must fall but when we fall we must not remain on the ground. We must get up and get going. So my lovely friend, I pray you and your darling husband to revive your membership of the Marriage Encounter.
              Outside this, I am glad your son got confirmation. I congratulate you both.

              • Thank you for your kind invitation! My husband and I lived rural-remote for the beginning of our marriage, where Marriage Encounter was unavailable. Now we focus on our little domestic church, home educating our children and helping us all to grow in love. I have thought that there may come a day when we join such a ministry, but for now, I’m happy to be full with our family life!

                I will share your congratulations with my son, thank you 😀

  3. We attended a marriage enrichment weekend last year. What a blessing! So true that love is a decision. As to your question, I am married to a high-functioning autistic, two of my four are autistic, and we have had our share of battles with physical delay, though not necessarily debilitating issues. I’d like to think I’d just lean that much harder on the Lord and step forward in love.

    • Happy to know you attended the Marriage Enrichment Week-End. Hope it’s helping you. Attending a Marriage Encounter Week-End transformed my life. It’s so rich. My love to your darling spouse!

  4. I’d like to think I would stand by my partner if that were to ever happen… And that I would look beyond a disability to see the person inside before judging whether they were the right person for my child…

  5. I’m mentally disabled (according to the experts) and my spouse of four years is physically disabled. I knew that when I married him. We have been very happy together. His disability and mine has had no bearing on whether or not we love each other or stay together.

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