Falsely accused and punished

How do you feel about the fact that there are lot’s of people gnashing their teeth in prison today for crimes they did not commit while many who have committed crimes are free.

There are many people who suffer false accusations and are falsely punished. They are accused of crimes they have not committed. And while they are punished the real criminals go free.

Have you ever been falsely accused and punished? What happened?

Do you know any victim of a false accusation? What happened.

3 thoughts on “Falsely accused and punished

  1. I have been falsely accused. And I immediately voice out to the person who falsely accuse me. Of course I am upset. I admit the mistakes I do. I don’t like to be falsely accused of the things I don’t do. It hurts. Some whom I confront admit their wrongs. Whereas there are those who refuses to admit and think they are right. I do not know what causes it.

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