Youth and the future

Ever since the existence of humans on earth, the world has been handed down from generation to generation.

Those who were here before us and are gone handed it over to us. We have been managing it ever since.

How do you evaluate our management?
How do you feel about the world that this generation is handing over to future generations?

Looking at the young people of today who are the leaders of tomorrow, how do you feel? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the world in their hands?


8 thoughts on “Youth and the future

  1. Hey Ngobesing, cool site concept! So here’s how I feel. What’s enabling us to grow? I feel some of us are beginning to realize that someone challenging our beliefs isn’t always a personal attack. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to grow together using “truth” as the vehicle (although sometimes it’s just an addiction to “approving of our neighbors sin” as mrsmariposa pointed out). It’s those times when we are feeling attacked that humility comes in handy. By knowing yourself, you know your own feelings and in that place you’ll know whether you are being attacked or just taking the challenge personally. The greater our humility, the less separation between our ideals that lead to “mismanagement”. Anything that needs management isn’t sustainable. Without the uninstructed Human Will everything’s sustainable. Sustainability is when our ideals become God’s ideals. There won’t be any need to manage anything at that point! Constant prayer to God for God’s love and truth led me to humility, more prayer and greater Faith. Prayer seems to be all we need, individually. Collectively, we need teachers of prayer experienced in receiving God’s love to educate those unwilling to challenge their beliefs about love. God’s love does the rest, no?

  2. I tend to agree there has been much mismanagement, and there are many intelligent youth up and coming.My main fear is the increasing loss of faith in God and the ongoing dismissal and altering of scripture going on. My prayer for our youth is to re-embrace the idea of living for Jesus at its core-with equal parts love and morality, compassion and a firm stance. I fear moral fiber has taken a backseat in the name of approving your neighbor’s sin and I don’t see it getting better at this juncture, but there is always, always prayer as well as living by example.

  3. It is obvious our management of the world has been disastrous but I have faith in the future of mankind. There is a much greater understanding amongst much of the youth of today as to how we should be living. Our generation have left a lot of peices to pick up and put back togather!

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