First World, watch-out!

If no one pays attention to this today
One day the world will do.
I address myself to the Western World;
Europe and America;
What we know as the First World.
First World you have to watch out;
Otherwise at the bottom you will find yourself tomorrow.
I say this with conviction, if what I hear is true.
I hear your Churches are empty, when they should be full;
I hear you’re running after business to make the money;
And have no time for the one who put you here;
If this is true, a great mistake you make, dear friends!
Who knows the plan He has for you?
Who has the key to the door of all the blessings in the world?
How do you think your blessings will continue to flow?
When you leave the spring-source untended.
You know what happens to such a spring.
If you neglect the cow that gives you the milk,
How can you hope for milk to drink?
First World, therefore, beware!
The first may become the last.
The Dark Continent may become the light continent
For the simple reason the pews are full
They know who authored their lives;
They know who has the yam and the knife;
What you told them when you brought them the Gospel,
They’ve fully embraced;
But on same you’ve turned your backs today;
Thinking you know it all;
That you are wiser than Wisdom itself;
Well! To be forewarned is to be forearmed;
A word to the wise is sufficient
It’s not too late;
Make hay while the sun shines;
Start to fill the pews again;
And win back the heart and favor of Him
That all your blessings has given;
Take it or leave it;
The choice is yours.
You brought me light;
Now I see darkness engulfing you;
Is it not just that I give you back some of what you gave me?
Watch out! Fill the pews again or be ready to perish!


12 thoughts on “First World, watch-out!

  1. I agree

    i do not even attend church now in north america because the emphasis is on self, prosperity and success.

    my home is my church, where jesus is welcome

    as jesus said, the first will be last, and the last will be first.

  2. I completely agree with this. As an American, I have seen my society and my country go downhill. It’s not what it used to be. There’s so much focus on materialism, career success, money, and all the things that don’t matter. We’ve become a culture that worships technology, have gotten away from family, and embrace bad parenting. There also seems to be a general ideology (you can see this from the news media) that America is better and more special than everyone else, which is simply a wrong ideology. We aren’t special, and we aren’t better than any other human on the planet. There are those of us still holding up Godly principals with Him guiding us daily, but as a whole, America is in a moral crisis. Some of us are praying and fighting for God to be at the center of our nation once again. Unfortunately, we are a country divided.

    Pride comes before every fall.

  3. I can’t say it better than that. A lot of truth there, much need for those who see it to be on our knees in fervent prayer, sharing Jesus with others, and setting ourselves apart from a materialistic, driven world. Unfortunately, while there are the faithful few, this corruption has crept into our churches and leaves the lost without any lasting answers. If our church pews are to be re-filled, we as Christians need to be less about numbers, money, and shallow programs that stroke the masses but water down the message. True revival starts with undeniable conviction. Thanks for an excellent thought-provoker.

    • Thank yo for your thoughtful comment. The world needs to refill the pews or we become lost. Pushing God back is pushing ourselves back. The few who have conviction must like the twelve apostles keep going on the right direction without distraction; without discouragement.

  4. You address a big issue with many aspects. I would love to discuss deeper
    but will contain myself.
    You are right. The churches in the Northern part of the world have few worshippers.
    Many are struggling to keep going.
    Yes, Mammon is a big issue as so many times in history.
    Success is too often measured in prestige and money. Not in love and compassion.

    There is however a great new spirituality growing out there. These people however
    do not turn to the big main churches. Many gospel churches are growing stronger
    in some countries. Also Eastern practices are gaining many supporters. Confusing
    times with many feeling spiritually lost and empty.

    by the way, we are told that we all hail from Africa which then would be the First world.:))

    • Thanks for your interest and insight on this subject. Actually I have not been in the West (First Word) for long so I cannot actually say with certainty if spirituality is advancing or retrogressing. What I know however, is that if people push their spirituality back and put ahead money, power, position, their careers, and other earthly concerns, they will pay very dearly for it in that they will not be able to fully tap from the dormant resources that can only be brought to the surface by deep faith in the backing of a higher power.I see more and more people in Africa filling the Churches perhaps because of the so many problems they face ; and so are drawing strength from their faith in a higher power who is God. I believe they will not go unrewarded, and as this rewards accumulates over the years, it will be like somebody in a race who catches up gradually on the forerunner (who goes slower and slower) and eventually overtakes them. I’ll still develop my thinking on this to back it with the necessary illustrations from various sources. In the meantime May the discussion continue!

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