Never waive anybody aside!

Let me tell you!
Never waive anybody aside!
You know not what God has in store for them.
They may look
Like nothing to write home about;
But may have a big surprise that is waiting for you.
Deeply buried their talent may be;
And then emerge when the right moment comes.
Many I’ve known to be like that.
Like good for nothing they look when young,
Then spring to the front
When the time is ripe in God’s plan for them;
And then you see them scoring the shots;
And you can’t believe what you see;
If it’s the same persons that you knew.
Never waive anybody aside;
No matter how the person may look;
And no matter how the person may be;
It’s quite a mistake if you do.
It’s God alone who can say,
What plan He has for anyone here below.


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