My darling is my true gold

We all do value gold, don’t we?PhotoGrid_1420273189495
And run after it, don’t we?
But why do we do this?
Because a precious commodity is gold;
The more of it we have,
The greater others think we are.
Hence, people fight for gold;
People kill for gold;
People die for gold.
Like others, I too value gold;
I too am ready to fight and die for gold;
But my goal is a different kind of gold;
My darling is my gold;
The one I love and will ever love
Is my gold;
The one I value and treasure all the times
Is my goal;
The one who, at the center of my life dwells,
Is my gold;
The one who occupies the choices part of my heart
Is my gold;
The one who, for better or for worse, I chose
Is my gold;
Yes! My darling is my gold;
My darling is my true gold.DSCN0485


48 thoughts on “My darling is my true gold

  1. What a beautiful couple you make! Such an important message you share here — and a great reminder to invest in the treasures that truly matter!!! I’m off to thank my husband now for loving me all these years… πŸ’•

    • Thanks for your lovely words of compliment. From what I see you are an amazing couple too; and the best is still to come for you both. May God grant you the grace to work every day on your relationship so that the light of your love may continue to shine; and so that its fire may burn brighter every passing day!

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  3. Wow!! you guys are a beautiful example of “loving” and indeed she is lucky having you, that you are lucky too of finding her πŸ™‚ best wishes to you guys <3
    This treasure none can thieve from you πŸ™‚
    Sending my best wishes to ya <3

  4. I have noticed that you and your wife often have well made, tailored appearing, matching outfits. Does your wife sew most of her own and much of your clothing? Who ever does so, does wonderful work. :star:

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