The one who stole my heart

I cannot forget how he stole my heart;
And I could hardly think right again.
I went to bed thinking of him;
And got out of bed with him in my heart.
I jumped up every night and lay awake
Thinking of him.
For so dearly I loved him.
I could die for him.
He made me believe he loved me too.
He told me I was his oxygen;
His sunshine; his honey;
His everything.
He told me
He could not live without me.
And I saw myself in heaven on earth
Bathing in love.
Then one day I found myself
Tossed in love like a ship in a storm.
He boldly told me I had no place in his life again;
That another had won his heart;
In a way he had never known before;
And there was no turning back.
It sounded like a joke;
But no joke it was;
He was dead serious;
His decision was final;
Thus, without explanation, he jilted me;
Leaving me where I am today;
Thrown in the wilderness of love
By the same one I so dearly adored;
The one who stole my heart;
And who had so shamelessly claimed he adored me!


14 thoughts on “The one who stole my heart

  1. Beautiful, heartbreaking, and so much a piece of my story, of far too many stories. Praise the Author of life who picked up my shattered heart, repaired it, and gave me my amazing second chance at life, love and marriage! He is truly the restorer of all things-and then some!:)

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