Open letter to all

Dear brothers and sisters wherever you are in the world,DSCN0571
I like the way the people of the world are rapidly overcoming the barriers that used to separate them and are coming together like one people bound by love and a high sense of oneness.

Bravo to those who see others only as human beings regardless of where they come from, what their skin color is; their social status and other considerations that used to put people apart at one time in history.

This is a different era. New era, new people; new ways of doing things.

The other day I wrote a post titled Wisdom from Africa and great was my joy when People from all continents read and enjoyed those wise words.

I believe in one world, one people and a common destiny for the people of the world.

I love all those who promote the oneness of the world; who love others regardless of where they hail from.

I appreciate all those in the developed world who make great sacrifices to make life better for the less fortunate in the poorer countries of the world.

I do acknowledge that these kind gestures are not always given the appreciation that they are due. My prayer is that this does not discourage the generous donors.

Let me end with a quote from my continent: “A lit candle loses nothing by lighting another.”

Continue to love all without boundaries.

I love you.


26 thoughts on “Open letter to all

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    • Oh Peter! Welcome back into the family which has grown so big. Your seat has been empty for a while. Glad you have come back to occupy it. I appreciate your love so much. May the tap of God’s blessings remain open in your life and may these blessings forever pour on you!

        • You said it: hope. Anyone that has no hope is hope-less. To believe in and hope for an excellent world some day is to believe in and hope for the supremacy of good over evil; that evil will eventually consume itself and good will prevail. This is my belief. This is my hope for the world.

          • Indeed, Sir . The whole good is product of hope. Such positivity in ours will surely bring that dream of ours in reality but I do believe the fact that we have to pay a lot for that . Humanity is in very danger in today’s liberal and capitalist world . we need to reform ourselves as earlier as possible because till be gain that we might loose suitable nature to support humanity will exist .

  2. I love the message of this and the spirit of your writing. So important that we come together. “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of ONE (emphasis mine) body we are called to peace.” Colossians 3:15

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