I wish I had a fresh start

I wish the opportunity of starting afreshDSC_0000105
Were here again for me;
Many things, I would do otherwise:
Plan my life better;
Become more determined than ever before;
And work far-much harder as well;
All this, to make sure I end at the top where I belong!

I’ll set a lofty goal for myself,
And spend my whole life going after it!
But now that I cannot start my life afresh,
You can see how difficult it can be for me;
Yet, I won’t spend any of my time in regret;DSC_0000144
As, in no way, shall that be of help to me;

Instead, I shall, the best I can, do
To correct the errors of the past;
I shall work for the things I want,
In a way, I know, will take me far.
This, also, I can say to you
If you are at the start of your life:
In this world, nothing, on a platter of gold,
Shall anyone give to you!

Whatever you want, you must work hard for it.
First, you must decide on whatever goal you want;
And that should be a lofty goal indeed;
Then you must take your time, your work, so well to plan;
And very hard be determined to work.

Often, the going will sometimes be rather hard,
And discouraging moments you will face;
But never, ever must you give up!
You have to keep on going and going and going; SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
Knowing the best never fails to come
If you know exactly where you’re going;
If you’re determined enough to get there;
If you work hard enough to get there;
And never turn back until right there you are.

This is the winning attitude;
The attitude of those who rise to the top.


8 thoughts on “I wish I had a fresh start

  1. A motivational path. I wish I could start over. I have learned much the last 5 years. Starting over at 58 is not easy and if I had lived differently maybe I would be in a different place and not in constant pain mentally or physically. The poem is a good reminder and motivator.

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