World of sorrow world of joy

What a world of sorrow we live in!
A world of hunger,suffering and pain;
A world where sadness reigns supreme!
Where hearts in love are broken;
A world of billions living in poverty
And to whom life is unlivable;
A world where the powerful and heartless,
Like the rich and unscrupulous
On the innocent and the vulnerable
Untold torture inflict.
What a terrible world we live in, indeed!
Is this all about the world?

Not at all.
It’s also a world of sunshine that we have
A world where from some noble hearts
Love is constantly flowing;
And lots of kindness we witness everyday!
From Him, our Lord, much consolation comes,
To anyone with any kind of pain.
From the most authoritative voice in the world,
We are told “Happy are you who are hungry now;
You will be filled!
Happy are you who weep now;
You will laugh!”

If, therefore, you are hungry now, my friend,
Don’t you worry, for you will be filled!
If now you weep in pain of any sort,
You will laugh when the right moment comes.
If ours is a world of sorrow, it’s also a world of joy.
Although we may be sad now,
We shall be happy soon.
Although we may be poor now,
We shall be rich at the right time;
All we need is God on our side;
For, when God is on our side,
Everything for us works well.


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